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Our self storage is here to help you handle life’s changes. If you are in Medellin, you can feel comfortable knowing that MEGA Storage will be looking after your belongings.

A storage unit allows your family to accommodate the belongings that comes along with milestones, transitions, and the regular changes that a family experiences.

But how do you know what kind of storage is right for you?

  • How much space do you need?
  • For how long do you need the storage space?
  • Which self-storage unit is in the most convenient location?
  • Where staff are polite and knowledgeable?

As we move through life, we accumulate things which tend to fall into two categories: functional or sentimental. Self storage in Medellin is great for keeping both safe and secure. No matter if you simply want to reduce clutter in your home, free up closet space, empty your garage or set up a second closet, self-storage is a flexible, scalable, and cost-effective option for anyone.

Our professional self-storage staff are trained to answer all these questions and more. It is our mission at MEGA Storage to make your self-storage experience as easy and convenient as possible.

Below are some of the most common things to consider when residential renting self-storage in Medellin.

storage in Medellin

Self-Storage Options

Once you know how much space you need, it’s important to consider the items you are storing. If they are delicate and if you have special considerations.

Our facilities have security features including video surveillance, on-site management, and alarms to keep them as safe as possible.

What Self Storage Amenities Should You Consider?

In our facilities you will find a modern and well-maintained space. You will find security cameras strategically placed to cover the entire area and lighting fixtures that keep it well-lit and protected.

You will see how convenient it’s for you to get to your unit from the facility’s entrance.

Self-Storage Alleviates Moving Stress

The average person will move more than 11 times during their life. For most people the moves are going to happen in Medellin and having a storage unit that is centrally located can make those transition moments much easier. Decluttering your home, either during a move or in general, is a very common use for a self-storage unit.

Families have different needs at different times. Self-storage space is useful when a family is upsizing as well as when they are downsizing. Even sudden moves become much less of a hassle when self- storage is used.

Temporary Furniture Storage

Home updates and upgrades can make living in your house very inconvenient. Do not make the problem worse by letting displaced furniture clog up other rooms in your home. Self-storage is great when you’re remodelling and renovating, because you have flexible storage space while the project is on-going.

Self-storage may be most useful for families who are putting down deep roots. At a point, most families find that their home does not have enough storage space to accommodate everything it takes to run a modern home year-round. Many people in Medellin now regularly using self-storage to swap out decorations, wardrobes, and home tools on a seasonal basis.

Other Big Life Events

The staff at MEGA Storage are trained to help you during life’s most difficult transitions. While making big decisions, you shouldn’t have to worry about where your belongings are or if they are safe.

During major shifts in your life, self-storage can help alleviate many headaches by providing a single spot to store extra things.

Seniors can benefit from self-storage as well. Too. Even if you are just downsizing, self-storage can make it much easier for you to keep a lifetime’s worth of possessions.

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