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We have a dedicated cargo area space that allows you to comfortably transport objects to or from your mini warehouse in Medellín.

rental of mini warehouses in Medellín

When making the rental of mini-warehouses in Medellín, there are some weather-related considerations in Medellín to be aware of. The obvious problem is that there are more rainy months than dry months. During the wet season, the weather can change very quickly, so it is important to consider how to protect yourself and protect your belongings from the elements when loading and unloading to or from your storage unit.

To handle this situation, the MEGA Storage facility has an indoor loading dock, that can fit containers up to 40 feet long that can facilitate convenient move-ins and move-outs. At MEGA Storage, the loading area is located near to the point of access to the storage units, additionally, we have free-use platforms for our clients that can be used to move objects from your car or truck to your unit without having to put your back at risk.

The proximity together of the loading area with the loading platforms can be a huge benefit when you have lots of items to move in or out. Even a short walk to a truck parked in the driveway when it is pouring with rain can result in soggy boxes if you can’t find a suitable umbrella. That’s why bad weather becomes a non-issue when you need to access MEGA Storage Medellín.

What is a loading dock?

A loading dock is an entrance or exit point for goods that are being loaded or unloaded from trucks, vans, and cars to your self-storage units. It is one of the most important areas of our building to keep efficient, as it manages the inflow and outflow of goods.

Benefits of MEGA Storage loading dock


As already mentioned, loading docks allow vehicles to park right next to our loading area. This allows you to load and unload the delivery vehicle with a minimum of fuss. When every minute counts, a loading dock is an incredibly welcome and useful thing to have.

Elevators and dollies

Our facilities for rental of mini-warehouses in Medellín have two freight elevators and several dollies free-to-use for our clients that allow you to carry your belongings from your vehicle to the door of your storage unit. The elevators are so wide that you can comfortably travel with your cargo to the floor where your deposit is located.

Safer working areas

Loading docks make the task of loading and unloading much safer for you and your companion. One reason for this is that the areas where people can walk and the areas where vehicles can drive are delineated. Another reason is our clients don’t have to carry goods as far, thus minimizing the risk of back injuries.

Protection from the rain

Since loading docks are located inside our building, it means that you, your belongings, and your vehicle are protected from the rain. So, there’s no rain to damage your goods.

Big space

In Medellín, as in any big city, there are areas and times during the day in which getting a space to park is almost a miracle. That is not a problem at MEGA Storage because we have a parking lot that allows you to load and unload your belongings in a comfortable way without making difficult maneuvers to move from your vehicle to the freight elevator.

Compatible with trucks

Businesses that involve moving and handling pallets of any size. No matter what type of goods your business deals with, you may require moving large amounts of inventory in your storage unit. Some storage facilities have truck restraints, but MEGA Storage Medellin loading docks that are truck-compatible up to 40 feet

Protection From Theft

If the unloading happened outside, it means that your vehicle doors will be kept open all the time, which will make the goods vulnerable to theft and damage.

But, inside our loading dock, you can unload or load your vehicle from within the warehouse, where the goods are safer and under security cameras and security guards. The loading docks help you to finish the work faster so that there’s no delay in the process, leaving no gap for theft.