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Once you have rented the correct size self-storage unit at MEGA Storage Medellin, it is important to have a plan and properly pack your belongings for storage. For your convenience, MEGA Storage supplies a wide range of packing materials. Here we provide a guide on how to make your self-storage experience easier.

Stock Up on Packing Supplies

Make sure you are well equipped to pack your belongings before moving into the rental unit on our small warehouse rental in Medellin. Stock up on items like:

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Packing tape
  • Packing paper
  • Bubble wrap
  • Drop cloths
  • Mattress bags
  • Plastic wrap
  • Labels and markers

View MEGA Storage’s selection of packing supplies.

Clean Your Belongings

If you wish to keep your belongings in good condition while in self-storage, make sure you put them into storage in clean condition. This includes wood, leather, upholstered furniture, clothes, and electrical appliances.

Take Out Storage Insurance

When you move your belongings into storage, they need to be covered by insurance. This can be through your home or business insurance or through self-storage insurance offered by MEGA Storage, small warehouse rental in Medellin.

Invest in Plastic Containers

For items that are highly sensitive to moisture like clothes, photos, and books, cardboard boxes may not be the best storage solution since cardboard can absorb moisture over time. Airtight plastic containers will keep moisture out and provide you with a long-term storage solution for most uses.

Take Extra Care with Fragile Items

Make sure that you take the proper precautions with fragile items. Use bubble wrap and label boxes containing fragile items to make sure that they are handled and stored appropriately in the storage unit.

These type of items can include:

  • Documents
  • Electronics
  • Photos
  • Books and Magazines
  • China
  • Antiques and Art
  • Clothing
  • Appliances
  • Furniture
  • Musical Instruments

Storage Unit Packing Tips

Follow these tips to maximise the space in your self-storage unit while keeping your belongings safe.

Keep Fragile and Heavy Items Low

Stacking fragile items on top of other items or boxes makes them more likely to fall and break as storing heavy items higher will result in boxes underneath giving out and heavy items falling.

Store Items Vertically

Use the height of a storage unit to help maximize your space.

Utilise Shelves and Storage Furniture

Use all existing space by using shelves, cupboards, wardrobes, or even rubbish bins to make the best use of the available space.

Make a Walkway

Leaving a small walkway is very useful if you plan to take items in and out of self-storage regularly and when you use a larger storage unit. This planning and organisation can save you a lot of work later.

Leave Items You Will Need Most Near the Front

If you know that you will need an item sooner than later, make sure these types of items are kept near the front of your storage unit so that taking them in and out is as convenient as possible.

Label Your Boxes Clearly

Be specific in your labelling as this will save you a lot of time when searching for specific items in your storage unit.

Protect Your Items

Apply a protective spray on items such as furniture and leather goods, seal your boxes tightly to keep moisture out. Store clothes using wardrobe boxes or hanging garment bags.

Disassemble Large Items

Large items, such as beds, couches, and dining tables should be disassembled prior to placing them in your storage unit as this will greatly increase the number of items that can be stored.

Do Not Store Restricted Items

We will provide you with a list of restricted items such as flammable materials, hazardous substances or chemicals, solid waste and / or garbage, money, capital or related securities, piece of art or items that require special storage conditions, jewelry, precious stones, high value luxury goods, illegal goods, explosive materials, living or dead beings, organic waste, perishable food products, other goods that may damage or endanger, the physical facilities of MEGA Storage.

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