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Business Self-Storage Units in Medellin

Need additional space to store equipment, documents, or inventory? Our small warehouse in Medellin is probably the solution that you are looking for. Businesses in many industries rent self-storage units to get some much-needed space for an affordable monthly rate rather than expanding or relocating a location.

Outside of providing much-needed space for your business, renting self-storage offers unique benefits that many might not consider.

Not only is a storage unit itself often less expensive than other options, such as a larger office space, but many businesses have found that they don’t need office space at all when they use self-storage. This combination can add up to big savings.

small warehouse in Medellin

Commercial storage units

Commercial storage units are sometimes the ideal choice for your business. At MEGA Storage, we go out of our way to be the best storage choice including a central location, safe place to store your items and easy access to your items.

Prime Self-Storage Location in Medellin

If your business is in the centre of Medellin, it is a strategic decision to choose a self-storage location close to your work to cut down on travel time whenever you need to retrieve inventory, equipment, or files.

Secure Storage

When storing anything essential to your business, whether it is retail inventory or construction equipment, you need to know your items are secure. At MEGA Storage, we place a strong emphasis on security with features ranging from CCTV surveillance and individually-alarmed small warehouse in Medellin.


An Adjustable Business Storage Solution

You know you need space right now, but it is hard to know what will happen in the few months, let alone the next year.

Will you need more or less storage space? Maybe your location will not make sense anymore, and it would be more beneficial for you to rent a small warehouse in Medellin. In any instance, with a month-to-month rental agreement, you can make changes whenever you need to.

Businesses That Can Benefit from Self Storage

Below are several examples of businesses that can benefit from using self-storage units in Medellin. Contact us to check out if your type of business will benefit and how self-storage provides the space that you need to keep operating smoothly.

Service Businesses

Service businesses typically require good storage space to handle parts and materials, and equipment. These businesses often rent expensive flex space or offices with a workshop, but self-storage offers everything they need at a much lower price. Service businesses that frequently use self-storage include:

  • Companies’ archive.
  • Technology companies.
  • Event companies.
  • Advertising companies.

For this type of businesses, storage units with external access are very popular. Trucks and cargo vehicles up to 40 feet long can park inside our facility to load and unload.

Retail Businesses

For retail businesses, managing inventory can be a constant struggle. Commercial retail space is expensive, and beyond just fitting inventory into the store’s space, there is also the concern about creating a quality shopping environment that your customers will enjoy. To maintain a clean, uncluttered shopping area and effectively store and manage inventory, retail businesses often rent storage units. Retail businesses that use self-storage include:

  • Clothing boutiques
  • Electronics stores
  • Office equipment companies

E-Commerce Businesses

For many e-commerce businesses, the need for premises outside of the home has been eliminated by simply renting a storage unit. These businesses can operate from home, and all inventory can be stored at MEGA Storage.


Whether you’re a realtor with a lot of promotional materials or a home staging professional with furniture to store when not being used at homes on the market, self-storage is a simple solution for much-needed space.

Interior Designers

Many interior designers work from home or prefer to use the office space they have as a showroom. Because of this, renting a storage unit is a great way to keep those spaces from becoming cluttered with frequent furniture orders.

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